The Dene is beautiful, tranquil area that is ideal for riding. Whether riding out, hacking or learning to trot,the Dene provides a rich and varied environment for riders of all abilities.



 Wild life found in the Dene

Roe Deer
The Roe Deer can often be seen at the edges of the woodland within the Dene. These are very shy – you will often see a blur with a white flash of tail, as they disappear back into the trees.

Red Fox
Look out for the Red Fox. He can be found hiding within the trees of the Dene, and if lucky within the yard confines – trying for an easy feast on one of the many pigeons who drop in for a free meal, from the grain that drops from the haylage.

The Little Tern
The Little Tern – Britain’s smallest migratory species can be seen on the beach adjacent to Pony World for only a few short summer months. These are endangered throughout the world, and come to the UK in order to lay their eggs and rear their young, before starting the perilous journey back to Africa before the colder winter season approaches. They are most often seen silhouetted against the sky – with their familiar cry – “kik, kik, kik, kik,” sounding as a warning to those who wander too close.


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